Four Simple Ways to Practice Wellness During COVID-19

In addition to wearing your mask and social distancing, here are a few ways to stay well at home during coronavirus.

Engaging in Stress Relief Activities: Working from home is new to many of us and presents many challenges, especially if children are at home as well. You can try to stay productive and less stressed before, during, and after work hours with these tips:

  • Listening to music is an effective way to reduce stress but can also lessen productivity during the workday. Find ways to control sound. For example, while working, use noise canceling headphones.
  • Create a designated workspace in your home so you don’t let the stressors of work crossover into your personal life. By having a specific workspace, your focus and productivity will improve.
  • Bring something from outdoors, like a plant, into your office space. The calm and restorative power of nature will bring a sense of peace to your at-home work environment.
  • Set a clear start and end to your work day. Set these boundaries by putting electronics away and allowing yourself to fully step away from any work-related responsibilities.

Limiting Social Media to Reduce Anxiety: Instead of reaching for your phone first thing in the morning, take at least 15 minutes to do something for yourself like reading a book, going for a walk, or stretching. The program director of integrative medicine at Johns Hopkins’ Sibley Memorial Hospital, Harpreet Gujra, suggests thinking of three things you are grateful for.

Eating Well: Good nutrition can help manage stress levels and keep your body healthy. Stressful situations like COVID 19 can leave us craving unhealthier food options like baked goods, highly processed foods, and foods high in fat and added sugars. Try your best to minimize your intake of these foods and crush cravings by choosing vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, and healthy fats most of the time. These foods can provide us with the vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients to boost immunity.

Moving your body ways that you enjoy: By staying active throughout the day, we boost our mental health and immunity. You can choose to garden, stretch, lift weights, or go for a walk. Whatever activity you choose, try to do it outdoors to increase vitamin D levels. Vitamin D deficiency lowers your ability to ward off sicknesses, like the common cold.